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Why we love what we do --

We're all aware of how taboo smoking has become. It stinks, it's expensive, & it litters our streets with cigarette butts day in & day out. Gone are the days where it was socially acceptable to light up a cigarette whenever & wherever you wanted. These days you literally have to go to the moon to light up a cigarette.


I stopped smoking cigarettes shortly after I was introduced to the electronic cigarette. It’s designed to help smokers kick the habit by gradually declining nicotine content over a period of time. I decided to open my own Vapor Lounge for people to come to and learn about the product and its intent. To help people stop smoking Cigarette's.


If you know anyone that's trying to quit smoking, looking to save money or just smells like an ashtray, tell them about us, we can help here at Vapor Valley.  Send them our way and we’ll get them educated! At our store, we offer a great selection of high quality cost effective fashionable Electronic-Cigarettes.


Vapor Valley is a world class retailer of premium Electronic Cigarettes and CUSTOM E-Liquids. Our E-Liquids offer varying levels of nicotine 0-28 mg to help smokers wean off cravings. We have over 132 flavors available for you to choose from. If you are looking for an easier, cheaper and tastier way to quit smoking try Vapor Valley!


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