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Find answers to common questions about vape Products & E-Liquids here:
if you have any questions, please feel free to send in your questions @: EMAIL  VAPORVALLEY@YAHOO.COM.

Question: I'm new to vaping what vaporizer should I choose?
Answer: This is your most important investment when switching from smoking to vaping.  Many smokers making the switch fall short and make the wrong investment.  More often than not, a new vapor will pick a battery that does not last long enough, and doesn't perform well enough to get them through the day. 
Question: What tank should I choose?
Answer: The Aspire Nautilus is a great choice if you can fit it into your budget. The adjustable airflow allows you to cater to what kind of e-liquid you are vaping. If you are vaping a high VG e-liquid, you can tighten the airflow. If you are vaping a high PG e-liquid you can open up the airflow. Being able to make these adjustments can greatly reduce flooding.
Question:  My tank is flooding how do I fix it?
Answer: Flooding is the over-saturation of a wick and coil. Flooding is often caused by the user pulling too hard, or pulling too light.  Other common variables that lead to flooding is temperature. The warmer an e-liquid gets, the thinner it becomes. The colder an e-liquid gets, the thicker it becomes. The user needs to adjust how hard or how light they are drawing based on the viscosity of the e-liquid. General consensus - Thicker liquids need to be pulled harder, thinner liquids need to be pulled lighter. To fix a flooded tank is easy. Place a paper towel over the mouth piece. With the tank in hand begin swinging the mouth piece towards the ground. This will pull the flood into the paper towel and your issue should be resolved.
Question: What mg e-juice should I get?
Answer: For your first e-juice purchase we recommend nicotine levels based on what cigarettes you used to smoke and how much you smoked. We can always add nicotine, but we can't take it away. A higher mg is going to give a harsher throat hit.
Question: How long does a coil last?
Answer: We have seen this question time and time again. Replacement coils are mass produced, some are good, some not so good. It is up to the user to determine if a coil needs to be replaced. If you are satisfied with your vape, keep vaping it. Some coils can last weeks, while others become unsatisfying after just a few days of use. Although, there are some things to avoid. Dark e-liquid can gunk up coils very quickly. Sweet, or high additive liquid can also ruin a coil quickly. It is best to choose a juice that is free of additives and is clear in color.
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