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Are you looking for Internal Battery Devices, External Battery Devices, or Salt Nicotine Devices?
  • Internal battery devices are all inclusive, meaning that the battery is already in the device, ready to satisfy your vaping desire.

  • These devices are charged via USB cable, which you receive when you buy an internal device, so there is no worries about having to switch out batteries you just plug in and go!

  • require 18650, 20700, 21700,or 26650 batteries

  • Most vapes require 1 or 2 18650

  • One of the best things about external battery devices is that once the pair of batteries  inside your device, they can be swapped out with a fully charged pair.

  • If you charge your batteries with an external battery charger instead of inside the device, your batteries will last you a long time and keep a full charge with good care.

pod devices.png
  • also known as Pod Based Devices

  • devices that use Salt Nicotine e-liquid gives you the most similar hit to a regular cigarette

  • devices are compact, easy to use and will give you the satisfaction you desire!

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